Jamie Carroll and Mike Weiss have more than 28 years’ experience handling high-stakes litigation for companies and individuals. We’ve tried cases for some of the biggest corporations in the world — and won them. We’ve worked on appeals of $100+ million verdicts — and reversed them. We’ve served — and continue to serve — as national litigation counsel for companies with household names. We’re good at what we do, and litigation and trial work is all we do. Whether representing a company in a multi-defendant class action or a single individual fighting for justice, we treat each case as the most important matter we are working on. Because it is.

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Law360, New York (February 04, 2010) — Here are two sentences lawyers would be happy never to read in an order directed to their clients: “The attorney-client privilege has been vitiated. Produce previously protected communications.”

Harsh consequences can radiate out…

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By Meredith Hobbs, Staff Reporter, Daily Report (June 15, 2011) – Two former King & Spalding tort litigators have reunited to start their own firm, Carroll Weiss. Jamie B. Carroll was a partner at King & Spalding before leaving at the…